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RightNOW Plumbing is a fully licensed and insured residential plumbing contractor in Fredericksburg, VA serving Northern Virginia with a wide variety of high quality plumbing services at competitive prices. We are a locally owned business with over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry. We strive to always keep up with the newest plumbing technology and modernized techniques.
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Plumber, Plumbing Contractors, Well Pumps, Water Heaters, Sub Pumps, Sewage Ejector Pumps, Residential Service, Water Heater Repair
Plumber, Plumbing Contractors, Well Pumps, Water Heaters, Sub Pumps, Sewage Ejector Pumps, Residential Service
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My name is Thomas James and I am the owner and operator of Plumb Perfect Plumbing in Fredericksburg, VA. I am a master plumber with over 20 years experience and come from a family history of plumbers to whom I am grateful for and have learned a tremendous amount from. I hope to one day pass on the knowledge I have along with my thriving company to my son. When I started Plumb Perfect I had one goal in mind, to ensure every homeowner that they will receive the best quality service possible. It is an amazing feeling of accomplishment knowing that I have exceeded the expectations of my customer on every call. I strive to give the best service possible at all times.

Plumb Perfect Plumbing is an established residential plumbing company servicing Prince William , Lake Anna , Fawn Lake , Fredericksburg and surrounding areas - 24hrs 7 days a week. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most knowledgeable and professional plumbing service in Virginia. Contact Plumb Perfect Plumbing with any plumbing issue for a top-notch experience. Choosing the right plumber for your home or business can be a daunting task. You want a stable plumbing company that is going to be there to stand by their work, while you also want personalized service that is often only received when calling on the small 1 man companies. Finding the plumbing company with the right balance is often difficult.

Do you have slow running, or blocked drains? The drain cleaning experts at Plumb Perfect Plumbing are completely equipped to clean all residential and commercial drains, showers, toilets and sewers. We will do video pipe inspection and trace the problem and make any repairs as needed. Does your house have a ground level sewer clean out? If not, you should consider putting one in to save your sewer lines in the future. We use power snakes and powerful water jetters as needed for your drain cleaning needs. Whether it is your kitchen, bath, basement, or toilet we can handle any drain issue. At
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